2016 Belize Mission Trip

One of the best examples of First Baptist’s commitment to missions is the annual mission trip to Belize, Central America. Since 2005 at least one team a year has traveled to Belize, often to do medical clinics in the countryside and a construction project.

Belize Team Photo(960X480)

This year the 28 people going were involved in two major projects. The medical team personnel went to five locations to do free medical clinics to help people without easy access to medical care. The agricultural and construction team went to Belmopan Baptist High School, a school at the forefront of vocational education in Belize, to implement a new livestock education program involving the raising of sheep. A sheep barn was constructed and three acres of pasture fenced in.

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To get a better understanding of the work done by the FBC team in Belize in 2016, please click on the VIDEOS and photo albums to see the mission team and their time in Belize.

 VIDEO about the FBC medical team’s work.

VIDEO about the FBC agricultural and construction team’s work.

VIDEO from Rev. Matt Roberts, a member of the agricultural and construction team.

Photos of the arrival in Belize, the traditional first meal in Belize at the CHEERS restaurant and the signing of the FBC mission team shirt to be hung from the ceiling, the group photo (and the goofy group photo), meeting with the Baptist Training Center staff, unpacking the crates to organize medical supplies, enjoying meals and down time before the mission work begins. (click on photos to display and enlarge.)

Photos of the FBC Belize team attending the Sunday morning service at Camalote Baptist Church, one of the churches where the medical team held a medical clinic. (click on photos to display and enlarge.)

Photos of the medical team at work. The team held five medical clinics at different locations in the country, giving free medical care to people who don’t have easy access to medical exams and treatments. In addition, eye exams were given and people given free glasses. All was done with the acknowledgement that the team was there serving the people in the name of Jesus Christ and for the glory of God. (click on photos to display and enlarge.)

Photos of the agricultural and construction team working on their mission assignment. The team did groundbreaking work building a sheep barn and fencing in three acres of pasture land at Belmopan High School, a high school that is at the forefront of vocational education in Belize. The school wanted to begin teaching students how to raise sheep but lacked the facilities to do this. The FBC team achieved much in a short period of time that will have lasting impact for years to come. (click on photos to display and enlarge.)

Photos of educational, adventure, relaxation, and emotional times away from the mission work. This included time learning about butterflies at a special place where butterflies are raised. It included hiking to a beautiful waterfall where the adventurous jumped in. It included eating out at Belize restaurants. It even included a birthday cake for Scott followed by a successful tarantula hunt. Emotional was Steve being able to see again close friends he has seen every visit for many years. They furnished a meal for the medical team. (click on photos to display and enlarge.)

Before leaving Central America a number of the Belize mission team went to Guatemala to see the Mayan ruins at Tikal. While Guatemala was similar in some respects to Belize it was quite different in others and it was fascinating to spend time there. Most unusual was the time at Tikal Jungle Lodge, a lodge located deep in the world’s second largest rain forest. The team got up very early for a 4 a.m. hike in the dark to climb to the top of a Mayan pyramid to see the sun come up over the rainforest and see the tops of other pyramids off in the distance. Despite the clouds it was breathtaking! Later that day we toured around the ruins seeing sights few ever get a chance to. How special to see this part of God’s world! (click on photos to display and enlarge.)

Photos of members of the FBC team at various times at different places during the week. Nothing specific, just interesting photos that the photographer liked. (click on photos to display and enlarge.)

Here are some photos of the people of Belize taken during the mission trip. God led the team to Belize and led these people to the team. They were a blessing to the team and we hope we were a blessing to them. (click on photos to display and enlarge.)