Children’s Ministry

Mission Statement

Through the love of Christ, First Baptist Church Children’s Ministry welcomes, accepts, includes, and loves all children and their families.

Sunday School

Formation in faith is one of the highest priorities of First Baptist Church.  We are passionate about educating children and helping to raise them in a life of faith.  This is the greatest gift we can pass on to upcoming generations.  

On Sunday mornings, we offer age appropriate classes taught by dedicated persons of faith.  Children interact with their teachers and learn Bible stories with their peers though interactive play.  It is in this classroom setting that children birth through fifth grade begin to explore the concepts of faith and what following Christ means in their lives.

Sunday School Classes for Kindergarten through fifth graders are in the Children’s Center building which is located adjacent to the Sanctuary building.  Students and families can access this building by the breezeway beside the Fellowship Hall.

Sunday School Class Offerings

Nursery:   The Nursery is located on the ground floor of the main church building to insure easy access for parents and caregivers. The dedicate nursery volunteers care for infants and children through two years of age.  Infants and toddlers learn about God’s love through story time, interactive play, and songs. Our volunteers take special care to meet the individualized needs of each child. It is through this compassion and attention that young children first see God’s love taught and expressed.

Preschool:   Children ages three to five years begin their first adventures through the Bible stories and characters in the Preschool Sunday School Class. The Preschool classroom is located on the ground floor of the main church building right beside the Nursery. Teachers use a combination of teaching styles to explain the story of the day so to keep the class interesting and learning environment entertaining.  Once the lesson and activities are concluded, children can partake of a Goldfish cracker snack and then are allowed time for imaginative free play.

Kindergarten to Second Grade:  The Kindergarten to Second Grade classroom is located on the third floor of the Children’s Center Building.  Students in this class with expand their knowledge of Bible stories and learn how to begin applying taught concepts to their own lives.  Teachers use a variety of tools and resources to engage young students in grasping the biblical concepts.

Third to Fifth Grade: Students attending the Third to Fifth Grade Sunday school class will meet on the third floor of the Children’s Center Building.  Kids learn about Old and New Testament stories and characters in a fun and exciting ways. Our skilled teachers expound on biblical topics and stories through role play, projects, and interactive lessons.  Students build a great foundation of faith before moving into the Youth classes.

Wednesday Night Children Activities:

To embrace First Baptist Church’s dedication to God’s mission, our Wednesday Night Children’s classes facilitate growth in biblical foundation through lessons focusing on local missions and being a missionary where you live.  The interactive class teachings concentrate on hands-on mission, mission education, and bible education. Children participate in various activities as monthly cleaning of local food pantry; rest home visitation and caroling; creation of care bags for homeless; and shut-in cards and letters.

Wednesday Night Children’s Mission Group Offerings:

The following groups meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 7:15 pm.  All classes, except the Nursery, meet in the Children’s Center Building. This is the second building located adjacent to the Sanctuary and can be accessed by entering through the breezeway.

Nursery: Childcare is offered for infants through two years of age on Wednesday evenings.  The nursery is located on the ground floor of the main church building. Children are shown God’s love through story time, interactive play time, and songs.

Kids on Mission: This class is designed for children ages three through five years of age and meets on the third floor of the Children’s Center Building. Teachers will focus on building a foundation of missions through interactive lessons, crafts, and role play.  Children will learn about missionaries both locally and worldwide.

Mission Possible:  Kids ages Kindergarten through fifth grade participate in monthly missional lessons with hands-on activities to support concepts being taught.  Students build family skills with older children partnering with younger children on projects. Children gain a working knowledge of missions and how to live a missional life wherever they maybe.  This class meets on the third floor of the Children’s Center Building.

Children’s Advent Breakfast

Regularly Scheduled Children’s Events

The Children’s Committee strives to create a healthy and loving environment for children and their families to grow in Christ.  We offer a variety of activities for families within our church and community to be a part of. Here is a list of standing activities but be sure to keep your eyes focused on the First Baptist Church of Marion Facebook page for announcements of other fun outings and gatherings throughout the church year.

  • Advent Breakfast 
  • Hanging of the Greens 
  • Christmas Eve Family Service 
  • Lenten Breakfast 
  • Ash Wednesday Night Family Service 
  • Easter in the Park 
  • Summer Kick Off Cookout 
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Summer Stay Camp 
  • Dinner and Movie Nights
  • Sunday School Promotion Breakfast
  • Fall Kick Off Cookout
  • Fall Family Fun Night
  • Downtown Trick or Treat

Children’s Sermon

Worshipping with Kids:

First Baptist Church of Marion recognizes the importance of families worshipping together. Children of all ages are welcome and appreciated during worship. There are a variety of resources available to help each family feel comfortable during their time of worship.  Nursery and preschool areas are accessible for families with infants through five-year old, if needed.  

Kindergarteners and up are encouraged to participate in service.  There are Kid’s Worship Bags located at both the main entrance and annex entrance to the sanctuary.  These bags contain a variety of items to peek and maintain attention of children during worship. Children are also invited to participate bi-monthly in the Children’s Sermons offered during worship. Children’s Sermons are five to seven minutes in length and teach the sermon texts in a simpler form that children can relate with.  Our preschool children come up and participate in this special time of worship as well. Children go back to their respective places, either to their preschool class or to their families, once this special time has concluded.

There are also a variety of resources available for families with special needs children.  The black canvas bags located on the Kid’s Worship Bag stations at the main sanctuary and annex entrances contain various tools that may prove helpful to families.  There are fidget tools and noise canceling headphones. Also, there is a Transition Room located on the ground floor of the main church building. This area is designed as a quite space for older children transitioning into worship and children with special needs.  The room is a subdued environment with various tools to help a child refocus and gain clarity. Families and caregivers can still participate in worship through the in-room televised service.

Mission Friends

To embrace the church’s dedication to God’s mission, our Wednesday night time focuses on both global missions and on gaining biblical foundation and biblical intimacy. This is provided through a mix of hands-on missions, mission education, and bible education. These groups allow children to learn from adults who are dedicated to the materials that they teach.

All children’s groups and Sunday School classes meet in the children’s building. This is the second building behind the sanctuary.

These groups meet on Wednesday nights at 6:05pm.