Wednesday Night Small Groups Studies

The Stations of the Cross: A Guided Experience
March 13th – April 10th
Explore the Stations of the Cross through character dialogue, prayer, and hands-on experience. New stations will be presented each week. Led by Adult Education Comm.

The Book of James Bible Study: A Digital Small Group
March 13th – April 24th
Join Cynthia Davis as she dives into the Book of James but not in a classroom! This class will be offered online. You can check in anytime from anywhere!

Biblical Backgrounds in Asia Minor and Greece
April 3rd – 10th (2 Weeks Only)
Join Scott Hagaman as he shares about his travels in Turkey and Greece, discussing how Roman roads and cities paved the way for Paul and others to spread the gospel throughout the ancient world.

The Seven Money Types
April 24th – May 22nd
Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money. Misty Hensley and Matt Roberts will invite you to put yourself in the shoes of a biblical character, explore your ‘type’ and learn what faith can contribute to finance.

Baptist Roots and Ways: Finding Our Place in theBaptist Tradition
April 24th – May 15th
Is there still value in calling ourselves Baptist? Scott Hagaman provides answers to this question and helps us discover the treasures and history of our distinct tradition among the other Christian traditions. This is a repeat small group that aims to give members and newcomers a better sense of who we are as Baptists.